Chuck's Blog: Baseball. Does Someone Have to Die?

By now you've probably heard and/or seen that scary incident during Wednesday's Yankees game at the stadium. Todd Frazier ripped a laser line-drive into the 3B/LF seats hitting a little the head. Even the players had tears in their eyes and many of them are begging teams to extend protective netting. 

I'm a huge baseball fan and understand that netting can take away a bit of the stadium experience but this should have been done long ago. Even if you're paying attention for every second of a three-hour game, most folks can't handle a 100-mph liner, that may or may not be deflected, even with a glove on. 

It's not a question of IF all ballparks will extend the netting (the Mets already have) but WHEN. I sure hope teams don't wait until the inevitable happens: someone dies.  

Kelly and I talked about the situation this morning and also about 8-year olds in Illinois taking a knee during the National Anthem. - Chuck 

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