Effort Being Made for More Funding for Mental Health Housing

Advocates are making a push for the state to increase funding for community-based mental health housing. 

Toni Lasiski, Executive Director of the Association for Community Living says this would help all New Yorkers.

“Not just a quality of life issue for them, it’s bad for their recovery long term, but it also costs the tax payer an awful lot of money to have people stay in settings that cost a lot more than it costs to pay us.”

Lasicki says New York has the most comprehensive housing system for people with mental illnesses in the country.

“The problem is that they’re not maintaining them, they’re not preserving them, if they let the funding go year after year they’ll eventually close.”

More than 4,000 people in the Hudson Valley region, which includes Albany, are currently served by community-based mental health housing programs.

Photo: Association for Community Living Facebook Page


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