Cuomo Speaks Out Against Faso on SNAP Program

Governor Cuomo is lashing out at 19th District Republican Congressman John Faso.

Faso has been making a concerted effort to place stronger and stricter work requirements on SNAP recipients.

Faso is saying that some sheriffs he has talked to in the 19th Congressional District say that "every drug dealer they arrest has a SNAP card in his pocket"

On Monday afternoon, Cuomo fired back, saying that Faso is resorting in "divisive rhetoric".

He accused Faso of verbally assaulting "families in need".

Cuomo says the SNAP Program helps nearly 1.6 million New York Households or 2.8 million people.

Cuomo says that research shows that fraud in the highly monitored program is rare.


Photo: John Faso Facebook Page


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