Hump Day Happy Hour: Homeless Man's Act of Kindness Banks Him Thousands

Last month, a woman ran out of gas while driving down the interstate. She began walking to find a gas station when a man stopped her, told her to get back into her car and lock the doors. Shortly after he came back with a can of gas. Turns out, he's homeless and used his last 20 dollars to purchase gas for her. He didn't ask for anything in return or to be reimbursed. She did however, pay him back later that week. Each time she saw him, she gave him a few dollars and also bought him a hat, gloves and socks. But that wasn't enough. She wanted do more to help him get back on his feet.

She set up a GoFund Me page hoping to raise $10,000 for him... enough for first and last month's rent, a reliable vehicle and living expenses for 6 months. But what happened next, she couldn't predict.  The local news did a story on them which jump started the donations. Over $385,000 has been raised so far. 

He was able to check into a hotel on Thanksgiving, where he was able to take a hot shower and watch tv in bed. He also purchased a new computer to create a resume and look for jobs. And it's all because his one act of kindness came back to him thousands of times over. 



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