A Jury Deciding Edward Mero's Fate

The jury has the case in the double murder trial of Edward Mero. 

He's accused of killing two women, Megan Cunningham and Shelby Countermine, in separate incidents. 

Cunningham's body was found in January 2013, inside a burned out home on Arcadia Avenue.

Countermine's body was found more than two years later in a shallow grave in Coeymans. 

Assistant Albany County D.A. David Rossi told the jurors, that despite a lack of hard evidence like DNA or surveillance cameras, common sense says Mero is guilty.

“He really is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, because there’s no other way to explain all those circumstances.”

Rossi added “The bottom line is that there are just too many circumstances for this to all be coincidental.”

Defense Attorney Cheryl Coleman says there is a lack of evidence in the case, and there is reasonable doubt.

“But they want you to do what their own expert won’t do, they want you to say it, they want you to say it’s a murder.”

Coleman attacked the prosecution's case for 90 minutes in her closing argument, that nothing places Mero anywhere near the murder scenes.

“They don’t have that phone and they don’t have him on camera, he’s not there, he’s not there or he didn’t do it.”

Mero faces 50 years to life.

Photo: Mug Shot


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