Troy Spending Package Shot Down by City Council

There are more budget problems in Troy. 

City Council has rejected Mayor Patrick Madden's proposed $74 million spending package.

Council president Carmella Mantello says the problem is a $190 per residential unit trash fee, which she calls a hidden tax.

“He never had the authority to propose a tax fee. Our code specifically states that you cannot charge the people of Troy for a trash fee, with the reason being you’re already paying for it under your taxes.”

Mantello adds “We are also representing our constituents, and we’re doing what’s right, and that is protecting the taxpayers.”

As a result, the city is looking at a deficit of nearly $3 million, and could, conceivably, run out of money near the end of next year if that hole isn't closed. 

Madden says “Tonight the City Council punted on its most important responsibility, establish a balanced budget to fund the operations of the city, it’s a great disservice to the residents, the taxpayers and the businesses in the city, as it creates great uncertainty about the future.

Madden adds “We’ll have discussions, but between now and then if need be, I still intend to work with this Council to see if we can hammer something out.”

Photo: City of Troy Facebook Page


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