Gloversville Mom Charged With Not Providing Food to Infant

A Gloversville woman is accused of intentionally starving her eight-month-old baby boy over a period of several months, even though there were evidently cans of unopened baby formula in her apartment. 

Crystyl Mohrlock-Young was arraigned in Gloversville City Court on Tuesday. 

Police say the child was taken to the emergency room at Nathan Littauer Hospital back in September, suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. 

Gloversville Police Captain Mike Scott says this type of behavior is hard to understand.

“You have what you need there to take care of your children, and just choose not to, or whatever the reason was that she chose not to, but it’s inexcusable.”

Scott was asked why it took more than two months to make an arrest in the case.

“We were just hoping that she would be a little bit more cooperative, our investigators had a hard time with her returning phone calls or answering the door when they wanted to talk to her, to a point where they finally just opted to get an arrest warrant and arrested her yesterday.”

Scott adds “The house was in disarray, I wouldn’t imagine what the officers experienced by seeing a child like that, just basically being starved to death.”

The baby, who weighed only between 10 and 13 pounds a couple of months ago, is now out of the hospital and in temporary foster care. 

Mohrlock-Young is behind bars in Fulton County on charges of endangering the welfare of a child.

Photo: Mug Shot


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