Hump Day Happy Hour: Cop Arrests Woman, Adopts her Baby

A police officer in Albuquerque recently encountered a homeless woman that was a heroin addict. He was arresting her for shooting up when she told him she was pregnant. 

The officer, and father of four, showed her a photo of his family and then offered to adopt her child too. His wife was on board with it even though their youngest is only 10 months old. The woman agreed and now baby Hope is adjusting to her new life with her new family after having a difficult detox when she was born.

The officer is still in touch with Hope's mother, who says that the officer went from being a cop to being a human the minute he realized her situation. She says she is grateful to him and his family for giving her daughter the life that she never could.

A Texas 4-year-old has just learned to walk. He was born with no arms and no legs but he has just taken his first steps. Camden's mother found about about his condition when she was about 18 weeks pregnant and was unsure about what life would bring for him. But, it turns out, he's a fighter and has learned to get around on his own. 

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