Initiative Between Albany Police & Schools to Help Kids

A new initiative is underway in Albany between the police department and public schools that identifies children who may be dealing with a traumatic issue.

Known as "Handle With Care," police will now notify schools when officers encounter children at any scene they respond to. 

Acting Police Chief Robert Sears says it's a way to help teachers prepare for any potential problems.

“Instead of making something like a disciplinary issue, like the kid is acting out, or he didn’t have his homework, or he’s falling asleep in class, the can realize that there’s something else going on there.”

Sears says it will help teachers and other school employees get a heads-up on problems.

“And instead of sending the kid to the Principal’s Office, they can maybe call the Guidance-Councilor, or the Social Worker, and just try to help this kid get through whatever they’re going through.”

Sears adds “In theory everything that happened the night before or over the weekend for Monday morning, the school district is gonna get a name, and then if that’s all they get there’s no back and forth, the school gets it, then they know this kid needs to be handled with care.”

Sears says privacy is maintained because the only information passed along is a student's name.

The only information that will be disclosed is the name of any child that may be affected.

Photo: Albany School District Web Page


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