Makeover of 787 in Cohoes Unveiled by DOT

DOT is unveiling its preliminary plans for a $15 million makeover of Cohoes Boulevard, Route 787, where there have been a number of pedestrian accidents, some fatal, over the past 15 years. 

Proposed enhancements call for a shared path for walkers and cyclists, a median with grass and trees, and a roundabout at the Dyke Avenue intersection. 

DOT's Bryan Viggiani says “Safety’s the top priority, and one of the things is how can we make it that it helps enhance the ability for users of all modes to still use this roadway.”

He adds “Fill two lanes in each direction, so it still has the capacity for motor vehicles but it also gives enhancement for those that walk, those that bike.”

But, some people at the meeting are not too happy about that.

“I think that it would cause a lot of traffic delays, more fender benders, and more accidents.”

Plans also call for the speed limit to be cut back to 35 mph. 

Construction could begin at some point next year.

Photo: City of Cohoes Facebook Page


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