Mayor Says "State of the City" of Schenectady is Optimistic

There’s no shortage of optimism in Schenectady, where Mayor Gary McCarthy delivered a "State of the City" address. 

He touched on a wide range of issues, including violent crime, which he says is down significantly. 

As for the Rivers Casino, he says it's under-performed based on some projections, but he's still optimistic.

“The numbers that people tend to quote are the numbers for 2019, so we haven’t gotten there, and yes some of the expectations were higher than what has happened, but now we’ve seen it in place for the full year.”

On the issue of blight, McCarthy says 87 properties were sold for more than $1 1/2 million, but says abandoned and vacant properties are still a drain on city resources.

Photo: City of Schenectady Web Site


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