NY's AG Investigating Possible Propane Suppliers Misconduct

New York's Attorney General has begun an investigation into possible misconduct by propane suppliers during the recent period of extreme cold. 

Eric Schneiderman says his office received dozens of complaints regarding delays in delivery, possible price gouging, and other issues. 

In some cases the problems were quickly resolved.

“We’ve been able to step in, fix some of these problems, and help New Yorkers get their heat back on.”

But other problems linger. 

Some customers reported being forced to pay a weekend delivery fee, upwards of $150 or $200, even though they'd been requesting service for a number of days.

Schneiderman says it's not just customers who are hurt.

“Most propane providers are good business people who are not gonna allow them to be put at a competitive disadvantage by bottom feeders who would exploit the problems caused by our recent cold weather.”

Schneiderman adds “My office has been flooded with calls from New Yorkers all across the state, all who’ve experienced extreme delivery delays and possible price gouging.

Anyone who feels he or she has been dealt with unfairly can file a complaint online at the Attorney General’s webpage (click here).

Photo: Getty Images


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