Trial Underway in Murder Trial of Jose Martinez of Albany

Opening statements on Tuesday in the trial of Jose Martinez, the Albany man accused in last February's hit and run crash in Washington Park that left 21-year-old Rajine Martinez dead. 

And there were two widely different pictures of what happened that night. 

Both sides say two key witnesses have changed their stories about who was behind the wheel when they came upon the former UAlbany student. 

But Assistant D-A Michael Shanley says there is no doubt Jose Martinez was driving the car, barely missing those two other people.

“The Defendant drove past those people, as he drove through the park, forcing one of them to dive out the way, ran over Miss Martinez’s skull, killing her instantly, he did not touch his brakes, enough to leave a mark in the road.”

However, defense attorney Danielle Neroni says those two witnesses are actually the ones responsible. 

“These are two despicable individuals who, instead of calling 9-1-1, when the girl was dying in the street, are deciding how they’re gonna get their story straight, are you kidding me?”

Testimony will resume Wednesday morning.

Photo: Mug Shot


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