No Formal Investigation into State Senator Jeff Klein

State Sen. Jeff Klein, who's facing allegations that he forcibly kissed a young staff member outside of a bar in Albany in 2015, is asking J-COPE, the state's ethics watchdog entity, to look into it. 

In a letter to the agency's director, Klein writes "the alleged incident did not happen, period."  

Meanwhile, the woman making the accusation, Erica Vladimer, is offering up her side of the story.

“You know, in my head it was more than just, he tried to kiss me, he tried to use his power over me, because he thought he could, or he knew he could.”

Meanwhile, Senate leaders say they have no grounds to launch a formal investigation because Vladimer never filed a complaint, who adds “We were talking about that my parents grew up in his district, and it was one of those things like ‘Come on over, we’ll have some dinner, a casual thing from one Jewish person to another.’” 

Klein, who heads up the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference, says no one saw anything inappropriate happen outside Justin's (now the Savoy Taproom) because nothing did. 

Gov. Cuomo says he wants an independent investigation.

Photo: Senator Klein Web Site


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