Albany Mayor Says No $12 1/2 Million in State Funds Again

In the aftermath of Gov. Cuomo's budget address, there is once again disappointment at Albany City Hall. 

One thing not included in the governor's executive budget proposal, as it hasn't been for the last several years, Albany's request for $12.5 million to help close its budget gap.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan says the city continues to be short-changed in state aid.

“That $ 12.5 million actually gets us to still less than half of what cities like Rochester and Syracuse get.”

Sheehan says it's an "egregious" oversight.

“For the residents of Albany to be told in the budget we’re gonna cut $12.5 million dollars from the state budget, and we’re just gonna leave the Capital city out there, it’s really I think a slap in the face to the residents of the City of Albany.”

In past years, the money has made its way into the final budget agreement, and Sheehan is hoping that will again be the case.

Photo: Mayor Kathy Sheehan Facebook Page


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