NY AG Asked to Investigate Dahmeek McDonald Case in Troy

After a scathing report from the state Attorney General's office, some people in Troy are accusing the police department of covering up how Edson Thevenin really died, and calling for the AG's office to take over the investigation of the Dahmeek McDonald case. 

He was shot and injured by police last August after a traffic stop.

At a rally Thursday night on the RPI campus, protestors called on the police department to implement the changes recently recommended by the AG's office. 

Anastasia Robertson, one of those on hand, said “It’s not about pointing out and saying we have the worse police department because we don’t, but we do need some tweaking and reefing, and I don’t understand why there’s so much backlash.”

Mark Mishler, McDonald's attorney, says “If they did this in regard to the use of deadly force against Mister Thevenin, then we are justified in concluding that they must have done the same, intend to do the same in regard to their investigation, the use of deadly force against Dahmeek McDonald.”

Among the recommendations from the Attorney General are body and dashboard cameras, something Troy residents say they've repeatedly asked for.

Photo: City of Troy Web Page


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