State of the City of Albany OK, But State Help Still Needed

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan delivered her annual State of the City message Thursday night, telling Common Council members her administration has made budget cuts without hurting services. 

She says the crime rate is down, and a new waste treatment facility is on the horizon. 

But, she says the city once again needs to close a 12-million-dollar budget gap. 

And the city needs those extra funds from the state.

“Albany is treated like no other city in the state, and we have demonstrated by opening our books, not once but twice, I have demonstrated by believing in and agreeing with out governor.”

While the mayor is touting her administration's accomplishments over the last year, she's also calling for a permanent solution to this yearly budget gap of $12.5 million.

“We convinced the state last year, and they provided us with $12.5 million dollars in new money, this year we need to make it permanent.”

The mayor says it's getting a little frustrating.

“I’ve reduced the city budget two years in a row, we’re the only city in the state that I know of that has done that.”

Once again, Gov. Cuomo did not include that money in his executive budget, and was asked about it this week in an interview with News Channel 13's Benita Zahn.

“The city comes and asks Albany for additional aid, we say we’ll give you the additional aid, but we need you to find savings, the first answer should not be ‘More money, more money more money’.”

Still, the governor is confident everything can be worked out before the April 1st budget deadline, as it has the past couple of years.

Photo: Mayor Kathy Sheehan Facebook Page


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