Feds Focus on Sanctuary Cities, Albany Mayor Says All's Well

The Federal government is cracking down on so called “Sanctuary Cities.”

Albany is one of the 23 cities being asked to provide proof that they're following immigration law. 

The federal government wants to know whether local police are sharing information about immigrants with federal agents. 

Mayor Kathy Sheehan, in Washington, tells News Channel 13 she's not backing down from her position on immigrants.

“If they need help, they need to call us, and we will be there to help them, we’re not going to be asking them about their immigration status.”

Sheehan says “Federal law does not recognize that local law enforcement enforce immigration law. That is something that is enforced at the federal level.”

Sheehan adds “We have provided all the information that the Department of Justice would need, to determine that we are not violating the law.”

According to Sheehan, city officials are aware of the latest request from the Justice Department and will be prepared to respond.

Photo: Albany Business Improvement District Facebook Page


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