Capital Region Reacts to State of the Union Address

President Trump, in his first State of the Union Speech, touted his accomplishments, and called for bipartisan cooperation on several issues.

There’s no shortage of response. 

Republican Congressman John Faso says he's on board when it comes to National Security.

“We do have readiness issues, where we are straining our forces to a large degree, and it’s having some deadly consequences, as we saw with the ship collisions in the Pacific over the last few months.”

Democrat Paul Tonko is dismissing the President's assertions that the surging 2017 stock market is benefiting the middle class.

“The wealthiest 20 % of Americans control 92% of the market. They own 92 % of the stock.”

Immigration was among the many topics the President touched on

Tonko says he's hoping for a resolution to DACA. 

The Democrat says the dreamers in this country are for the most part, responsible people who are doing well.

“A sound pathway to citizenship is something that can be achieved for dreamers, and dreamers, we need to remind ourselves, 97% of them are doing successful in school or in work or in the military.

Republican Faso is on board for parts of President Trump's tax reform bill that he signed into law at the end of last year.

“I will say that there is a resurgence of investment that’s taking place with our large companies and our small companies. The tax bill does have many great incentives in them.”

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had his own response following the address.

“The American people do not want a President who is compulsively dishonest, who is a bully, who actively represents the interests of the billionaires class, who it anti science, and who is trying to divide us.”

According to Sanders, Trump is right about the strength of the economy, adding that this is good news. 

However, Sanders said Trump failed to mention that his first year in office marked the lowest level of job creation since 2010. 

He said the rich continue to get richer, while millions of Americans have to work multiple jobs just to keep their heads above water.

Democratic Congressman Tonko believes the President is still not doing enough to deal with the opioid epidemic, even though he appointed a panel to study the issue.

“They made great recommendations, they established priorities, to date none of those priorities, and none of those ideas were heeded.”

Even though he voted against the Trump tax reform bill, Republican Faso says he believes there are good things in the measure that are enabling some companies to give their workers more money.

“You’re gonna see a lot more business investment, I had a local business, a large manufacturer tell me that they are reinstituting a match for their 401K plan, we’re hearing of companies paying bonuses and giving raises to staff.”

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is in favor of increased funding for the military.

:Making sure we can have a pay raise for them, making sure we can have housing and other things that have been cut over the last few years.”

President Trump's address to Congress is also the most tweeted-about State of the Union address ever. 

That's according to an official Twitter account, which says the State of the Union hashtag was used more than 4 1/2 million times.

Congressman Joe Kennedy delivered the official Democratic response. He's urging Americans to remain strong.

Kennedy said that Democrats have a "better deal" for America. 

That deal includes a living wage, affordable child care, "trade pacts that are fair," a health care system that offers "mercy" and roads and bridges that "won't rust away.

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