Faso On Train That Crashed in VA, He's OK

No word yet on what might have caused the crash of an Amtrak train that was carrying a group of Republican lawmakers on their way to a retreat in West Virginia. 

The driver of a garbage truck was killed and one other person was seriously hurt when the train hit the truck at a crossing near Charlottesville, Virginia. 

John Faso was on board, and is okay. 

Faso says the train was going at what he thought was a reasonable speed when the accident happened.

“All of a sudden a loud crash and jolt, train came to a halt within literally a few seconds, and it soon became apparent we had a collision with a truck that was on a grade crossing.”

Faso tells WGY some of those on board used their training as physicians to spring into action after the collision.

“Fortunately we had physicians among the Congressmen and Senators on the train, as well as the Capital Physician. People immediately ran out to attend to those who were injured. There were three people in the truck. Unfortunately one person was killed.”

Faso adds “The driver of the truck was stumbling about walking in the field, so it was a tragic incident, and our hearts go out to those families who had a loved one killed or injured.

Minnesota Congressman Jason Lewis was hospitalized with a possible concussion.

Photo: Getty Images


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