New Siena Poll Not a Good Report Card for Cuomo

The numbers aren't great for Gov. Cuomo in a new Siena poll. 

According to the survey the governor's favorability rating is down by double digits. 

53% view him favorably, as compared to 62% last month. 

Only 45% of voters statewide think he's doing a good job, as compared to an even 50% last month.  

Upstate, it's even worse for the governor. 

58% have an unfavorable opinion of him, and only 30% think he's doing a good or excellent job. 

And, in this election year, 50% statewide say they would vote to re-elect him. 

42% want someone else. 

However, upstate voters aren't as willing to give Cuomo another term. 

Only 33% say they would vote to re-elect the governor, while 60% want someone else.

On other issues, New Yorkers have a strong level of trust for the Supreme Court, the FBI, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. 

70% statewide say the Mueller investigation should continue without interference.

View the entire survey results by clicking here.

Photo: Getty Images


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