Hump Day Happy Hour: Hero Cop Rescues Man in River

In England we have an inspiring story involving a rookie police officer who saw a guy fall into a freezing cold river, and was struggling to keep his head above water.

So, without thinking, the officer jumped in to save him…except… the cop can’t swim.

He must have some basic skills though since he had all of his gear on and still made it to the guy  and helped him to shore.

It’s unclear how deep the water was, but it was moving pretty fast. It was caught on body cam, watch it above.

Also, great job in the Johnstown school district. For the third year in a row, the Johnstown Teachers Association celebrated "100 Acts of Kindness on the 100th Day of School". Teachers and teaching assistants hit the streets and among other things: paid the grocery bill for a elderly couple; gave snacks to postal workers; donated crayons and coloring books to kids in the hospital; taped cash to gas pump handles; sent letters of encouragement to friends and acquaintances and handed lottery scratch-off tickets to people at random.

The teachers say it’s their way to give back to a community that has long supported education in Johnstown.

Listen to all of our good news stories below in this week’s edition of Hump Day Happy Hour on WGY!

Photo: Getty Images

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