Stupid Criminals: How NOT to Hide from the Police

In England, here’s how not to hide from the cops.

Police went to a woman’s house after she skipped a court appearance and she tried to hide from them by putting a laundry basket over her head and standing completely still.

As you can see, it only covered her head and about half her torso. It was so ridiculous that the police actually took a picture of it.

Authorities at Lisbon airport in Portugal arrested a drug smuggler who tried to smuggle cocaine into the country by hiding inside of a butt implant. The butthead was traveling into the city from Belém do Pará in northern Brazil before he hit rock bottom.

And finally…we’re not sure where this happened, but someone posted video of a pretty bad case of road rage.

A woman is standing next to her car, cursing them out and then, she drops her pants, moons them, hops in her car and drives off…police are still looking for her.

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Photos: Alfreton Town SN, Policia Judiciaria, YouTube

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