Not All Teachers Think Being Armed in School is a Good Thing

President Trump is floating the idea that "highly trained gun-adept teachers and coaches would be a tremendous deterrent to school shootings." 

Trump tweets that the average school shooting lasts three minutes on average, and it takes first responders five to eight minutes to get there. 

The President feels that armed teachers would solve the problem instantly. 

But Albany Public School Teacher Association President Laura Franz says that's not the answer.

“It’s not what we want to do. We want our schools to be safe environments for children, for children to learn and for us to teach.”

Franz adds “We can’t put more guns in schools. We don’t want guns in our schools at all. Adding more guns into that is just not sense making.”

Some teachers say if they wanted to carry a gun to work, they would have joined the military, or become a police officer.

Photo: Getty Images


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