Saratoga County DA Heggan Says She Wants to Keep Her Job

Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen is running for reelection.  

Heggen succeeded Jim Murphy as the district attorney in 2014, and won a full term later that same year.

“I love Saratoga County, I get to make a difference in some way, and in some respect every day every day in the place I call home, and the place that’s home to so many people that I love and care about.”

This time, she will face a Republican Primary challenge in September from Saratoga Springs Criminal Defense Attorney Gerard Amedio.

“There’s no better experience to being a District Attorney than coming from enforcement background, and then now doing criminal defense.”

Amedio says relationships between the DA's office and law enforcement have turned sour, but Sheriff Michael Zurlo isn't buying that argument.

“That’s his opinion, but I can tell you the last four years we’ve had that relationship, and I know other law enforcement has too.”

The Saratoga County Republican Committee has yet to endorse a candidate.

Photo: Getty Images


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