Tedisco: Specialty Plates Will Add Funds for School Safety

One state lawmaker has an idea to raise money for improved school safety.

Senator Jim Tedisco has introduced his plans for a "Guardians for Schools" New York State License Plate.

The proceeds would be used by school districts to pay for expenses related to improving school safety. 

Last week, the New York State Sheriff's Association called for funding of armed school resource officers at every grade school and high school in the state. 

The money from the plates could be used for resource officers but also things like enhanced mental health screening and counseling and security cameras. 

Tedisco says the plates would give millions of caring and concerned New Yorkers a way to take part in keeping children safe from violence.  

The bill is still in its early stages. 

By the way, the state charges anywhere from $60 to $90 for vanity license plates.

Photo: Jim Tedisco Facebook Page


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