Second Arrest in Robbery of NY Shooter Supply in Colonie

Update - 10:25 AM 3/1/18 

Colonie Police have made a second arrest in connection with last fall's gun store burglary.  

Marcus Allert of Rensselaer is accused of being the getaway driver for Nathan Hennessy when the pair allegedly broke into New York Shooter Supply on Central Avenue. 

Five handguns were stolen. 

Detectives have located one, but four have yet to be recovered.


Colonie police have made an arrest in connection with last October's burglary at New York Shooter Supply on Central Avenue, in which five handguns were stolen. 

Nathan Hennessy has been in custody since December on unrelated charges. 

Police say he was identified as a possible suspect soon after the burglary.

Colonie Police Lt. Bob Winn says detectives worked on hard on this one.

 “In the preceding four months, we’ve been working very closely with the Albany police Department, the ATF, the Capital region Crime Analysis Center, the Albany County District Attorney and the NYS Computer Crimes Unit. He is actually the individual seen in the video that was released shortly after the crime.”

Wynn says that's not the end of the line as far as this case is concerned.

“There are still four handguns out there, and we believe there’s at least one if not more people that were involved in this heist, that hopefully will face charges soon.”

Winn says detectives got a big assist from Albany Police.

“When they executed a search warrant in the city of Troy earlier this year, it was directly related to our burglary, and we’ve been able to tie that handgun to Mister Hennessy.”

Photo: Colonie Police


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