Kelly's Brand New Tattoo, a Tribute to Her Late Father

It is a Celtic Knot. It is a nod to my Irish heritage, and also a tribute to my father. It is a straight line tattoo, rather than the traditional basket weave style Celtic Knot, because I wanted to keep it small, simple and delicate. If you look closely, you can see not only the interwoven lines, but also the image of a cross within the lines, the formation of a fleur de lis style larger cross in the outer lines, and also two hearts, opposite each other, or a series of four hearts around the diamond.

According to Celtic lore, The Father Daughter Knot “illustrates the beauty and interconnectedness of the father/daughter relationship. There is speculation that this particular knot style is based on the story of Brigid, who was sitting next to her dying father nursing him. As she kept him company, she began weaving an intricate knot from some rushes. Her father noticed her handiwork and asked what she was making. She explained that although each loop exists on its own, it is unable to be separated from the whole. Just as the knots within the cross are interwoven, we remain constantly connected with loved ones who have passed away, although in a different form. The connection is maintained with the promise of reuniting with our departed loved ones when we ourselves cross over.”

The day I chose to get the tattoo is also significant. For 44 years, my father and I shared a birthday. From my very first, until his very last. Last year, I flew to Florida to be with him. Although neither of us said it out loud, we both knew it would be the last one we would spend together. So on this day, my first birthday without him, I chose to honor him with a deeply personal and lasting tribute. 

Huge thanks to Krystal at The Dead Presidents Lounge in Albany for being so patient and re-working the design over and over, and my loyal friend Erin Glock for the photography (and moral support!).


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