Corey Feldman Visits to Speak Out Against Child Sex Abuse

Actor Corey Feldman was in Albany on Wednesday to urge lawmakers to pass the Child Victims Act that would expand the statutes of limitations for child sex abuse crimes. 

Feldman was an abuse victim, and says it crippled him for years.

“Thirty years ago when I first told the police about what happened to me as a child, thirty years ago when I first told the police that my best friend was raped as a child, and had never gotten his life back, and as a result of that, his life was tarnished and traumatized to the point where he ended up taking his own life.”

The measure would create a one-year window for a civil claim against abusers. 

The bill has passed the Assembly but is stalled in the State Senate. 

Gov. Cuomo has included a more expansive version in his executive budget.

Photo: Getty Images


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