Cuomo Favorability Rating Lowest Ever as Governor

new Siena poll says Gov. Cuomo's favorability rating this month matches his lowest ever as governor, but he still has a solid lead over challengers Cynthia Nixon, Marc Molinaro, and John De Francisco. 

Statewide, 49% of registered voters have a positive view of the governor. 

Upstate, however, it's a totally different story, with only 37% giving the governor a thumbs-up. 

Still early in the primary race, but statewide, Cuomo leads Nixon by 31 points. 

Interestingly, given her background as an actress, Nixon is unknown to almost half of voters and almost half of Democrats. 

Upstate, only 23% have a favorable opinion, and 45% have no opinion or don't know who she is. 

Molinaro and De Francisco each remain unknown to about three-quarters of voters.

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Photo: Getty Images


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