Could Cynthia Nixon Actually Beat Governor Cuomo?

It's official. Actress Cynthia Nixon will challenge Governor Cuomo in the Democratic primary later this year. She has name recognition, friends with lots of money and is a much, MUCH better speaker than Cuomo. 

While beating him, at this point anyway, appears to be a long shot, there is no doubt she can inflict damage on Cuomo. 

He has to win big this year if he has any hope of a 2020 run for the White House. 

I'm wondering if some savvy GOP voters might consider registering as Democrats for the primary just to vote for Nixon and hurt Cuomo.

Kelly and I talked to WGY Capitol Correspondent Ken Lovett, who's State Editor for the New York Daily News, about the Nixon-Cuomo battle. 


I probably should have known this (or assumed it as a longtime NYS resident). If you change party enrollment you have to wait until after the next general election to vote in your new party's primary.

This is from the NYS Board of Elections website:

"How do I change my enrollment?

If you wish to change your enrollment from one party to another or from not-enrolled to a party, send a Voter Registration Form with your new choice to your county board of elections. The board will notify you when the change takes place, by Law, after the next general election."

The powers that be, in both parties, always protect themselves first. - Chuck

Side Note: Kelly met Cynthia Nixon at the WNYT Studio for an interview on public school funding in 2002.

Photos: Getty Images & Kelly Lynch

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