March for our Lives Happening Across Nation

Young people from around the Capital Region will participate in a March for our Lives event in Albany today.

The marches taking place in cities around the country are in protest to gun violence in schools.

Congressman Paul Tonko and Assemblywoman Pat Fahy will be among the speakers at today's event.

Tonko tells News Channel 13 he is impressed with the way these students have become politically active.

"They have become that force that has said, 'Look, we've suffered too long from this, and it's time for America to act.'"

Students are calling for stricter gun laws and better mental health resources.

The Albany March for our Lives event begins at 10 AM at West Capitol Park.

Organizers expect about a thousand marchers to attend.

One organizer, Amsa Bawla, tells News Channel 13 it is important for lawmakers to hear their voices.

"They can actually make a difference in our government, so if they hear the voices of the people, and they hear the emotions and how we're feeling, and what we want, there's a more likely chance that it's actually going to happen."

Schalmont High sophomore and march organizer, Hamza Noor, also spoke with News Channel 13.

"We're part of this as a whole generation, it's really moving, and it's inspiring for us, that we can make an impact, and we can make something happen, no matter how old we are."

Photo: Getty Images

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