Some Upstate Democrats Unhappy With Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon is set to bring her gubernatorial campaign to Albany today, with a noon appearance at the downtown Hilton, where she'll talk about what she feels is inadequate funding for schools across the state.  

But, the actress is also likely to be asked about a comment attributed to one of her campaign aides that some might interpret as meaning she knows all about upstate New York because she stayed at a Skaneateles bed and breakfast a month ago.  

WGY Capitol Correspondent Ken Lovett of the Daily News writes that close to 20 prominent upstate Democrats took to social media over the weekend to criticize that remark.  

"Do I think it's a fatal blow," Lovett asks?  "I don't, but when New York City people talk about upstate and it gets out there that it was done in a bad way or a condescending way, it hurts."

Consultant Rebecca Katz claims to have been misrepresented, and the remark taken out of context.

"What (Katz) said was that Nixon has been fighting for public school money for 17 years, and knows upstate.  And she was last there a month ago."

"This in itself won't impact her," Lovett said, "but it shows she has a lot of work to do to get known and to build trust upstate.  They don't know her that well."

photo:  Getty Images

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