Marc Molinaro on His Campaign for Governor of New York State

With four months to go before the November mid-term elections, Republican Marc Molinaro trails incumbent Andrew Cuomo by more than 20 points, and his name recognition among voters is not that strong.

But he tells WGY he's not worried, and knows he has an uphill climb ahead of him, but he feels he can do a better job of running New York State.

Molinaro claims that he is ahead of where 2014 Republican Candidate for Governor Rob Astorino was at this time 4 years ago.

And Molinaro says he will benefit from the Cynthia Nixon primary challenge to Cuomo, and the 3rd party candidacy of former Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner.

Molinaro's term limits would be two, four year terms for the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and Comptroller. 

His Term limits would limit legislators to six, two year terms. 

Governor Cuomo launched the Mooreland Commission in July of 2013, saying the state must root out corruption in politics and Government.

In April of 2014, he disbanded the commission after a deal was reached with lawmakers on a package of ethics reforms.

Cuomo was criticized on the abrupt disbanding of the commission.

Molinaro says he supports Governor Cuomo's two percent property tax cap, but says the cap doesn't go far enough.

Photo: WNYT


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