Update: Siena's Jimmy Patsos Addresses Allegations Friday Afternoon

Jimmy Patsos (holding the basketball) poses with Siena players

UPDATE: On Friday afternoon Jimmy Patsos spoke at a news conference, denying allegations that he has been verbally abusive to a student. 

Patsos expressed surprise at the allegations saying that the student was, and still is, one of his favorites.  Without identifying the student by name, but referencing the students' publicized disability, Patsos said the student had asked him to treat him the way he would treat any other student.  There is joking Patsos said, but he himself is often the target. 

Patsos pointed out that he has always held open practices and that he never had anything to hide, "I never would say anything to be hurtful,  I just wouldn't do that.  I would never be constantly on some...picking on some kid. I'm a generous, giving guy.  If anything, I'd pick on myself."

Lawyers for Jimmy Patsos were with him during the news conference.

Patsos did express sorrow over any damage the allegations are having on the college, the program, or the players.  He says Siena is a great place.

Regarding reports that Siena is looking into an issue involving Per Diems, Patsos says he doesn't have any knowledge of that.

Original story:

Siena men's basketball coach Jimmy Patsos is scheduled to address allegations of verbal abuse at a news conference Friday afternoon. 

Patsos allegedly taunted a team student-manager with OCD, calling him "insane," "the next Unabomber," and mocked him about his medications in front of players. 

Meanwhile, the college has issued a statement saying the scope of the investigation has broadened. 

There are reports that Siena is looking into per diem payments to players and team aides, and whether they were improperly withheld by Patsos and other coaches. 

According to the statement an update will be issued to the college community and the public at the conclusion of the investigation.

Photo: Siena Men's Basketball Facebook Page


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