Chuck's Blog: Arrest the Father of the Waffle House Shooter!

It's so frustrating. Yet again, it seems a mass shooting could have been prevented because the shooter clearly was on the radar of law enforcement. This time, 29-year old Travis Reinking allegedly shot-up a Waffle House in Nashville with weapons he should not have had. The Secret Service came upon this guy last July after he refused to leave a restricted area and demanded to meet with President Trump. He was arrested, his guns were taken and his Illinois state firearms card was revoked. Later, federal agents returned the weapons to Reinking's father with a promise that he keep them secure and away from his son. Reports indicate the father did neither and eventually gave the guns back to his son.

Oh, it gets worse. As well as the White House incident, there's word sheriff's deputies were called to a CVS parking lot in May 2016 where a man was acting weird. It was Travis Reinking, who told the cops that Taylor Swift was stalking him. He was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. Last June, this guy causes another ruckus after he jumped into a community pool wearing a women's pink coat over his underwear.

Despite all that history, the dad reportedly decided it was a good thing to give Travis firearms. As a result of his horrific decision, those four deaths and the other injuries are at least partially on the father's head. There would have been even more death and destruction if not for the heroic actions of James Shaw, who wrestled the rifle away from Reinking.

Kelly and I talked more about the Waffle House shooting this morning as well as Friday's anti-gun school walkouts and a former Giant and Jet who got in trouble for taking a prom picture with a gun. Listen below. -Chuck

Photo: Getty Images

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