Original Alexander Hamilton Papers on Display at Albany Law School

Albany Law School is displaying a rare letter from a man giving legal advice to a client.

What makes it rare is that it was sent by Alexander Hamilton.  The founding father made popular lately through a musical bearing his name.  

A collection of papers and bank notes associated with Hamilton will be on display at the campus from May 14th to the 21st.  Hamilton had many connections to Albany, and while here he studied and practiced law.  

The collection includes:

- A letter, signed by Hamilton and dated March 31, 1784, advising a client on the right of ferriage. The letter was dated during the time that Hamilton and others were organizing the Bank of New York (now BNY Mellon).

- A certificate of subscription to the trust for the benefit of Hamilton’s family, issued in 1804, after his death at the hands of Vice President Aaron Burr. Certificates No. 61-62 were issued to John B. Church, husband of Angelica Schuyler and Hamilton’s brother-in-law.

- Trust certificate No. 226, also dated 1804, issued to Washington Morton, husband of Cornelia Schuyler and Hamilton’s brother-in-law.

- An early 19th century $5 bank note, Bank in the City of Albany.

- An early 19th century $3 bank note, Saratoga County Bank.

Albany Law School is about to bestow an honorary law degree on Hamilton.  A descendant will be on-hand to accept it.

Photos courtesy of Albany Law School.

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