Troy Woman Makes Claims of Racial Incident in Latham

Natia Shim

There are reports of a disturbing incident involving a Troy woman and her son. 

Natia Shim says she and her 17 year old son were on their way to Latham Farms last week when a green truck with lights on top rammed her car into the shoulder of the road, shouting obscenities and racial slurs. 

Shim says at that point, several men and women got out of the truck and began hitting her car with baseball bats and smashing windows. 

She adds her son was terrified.

Shim says while she was talking to State Police, a call came in from the perpetrators saying they did it because they thought someone in the car had robbed a radio from them. 

But now, she says the same car has been driving by her house. 

She says she's planning to pack up and move. 

There are no arrests at this point.

Photo: WNYT


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