Troy Restaurant Closes in Support of Tipped Workers

Old blue closed sign hanging in a shop window

Lunch won't be served Friday at Slidin' Dirty in Troy. 

That's because staff will be participating in a rally in opposition to the proposed elimination of the tipped worker credit. Governor Cuomo proposed that move, which would require employers to pay the current minimum wage in his State of the State address. 

Slidin' Dirty co-founder Tim Taney says it's a lose-lose for employees and customers alike. "I've yet to hear from a single person that actually wants this. There may be customers out there that would like to get off the hook from tipping, but I doubt the labor board is looking out for the customer," Taney said.

Cuomo has said it's fair for everyone to have the chance to earn the minimum wage. Taney says if the change were implemented he would have to raise his menu prices. 

A public hearing is being held on the issue in Albany Friday at the Legislative Office Building.

Slidin' Dirty will reopen Friday night at 5:18pm.

WGY's Chuck and Kelly discussed the issue this week. Listen below.

Photo: Getty Images

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