Today Marks Last Gun Show at Saratoga City Center

After 34 years, today is the last time the Saratoga City Center will host the Annual Gun Show.

This past March, the Saratoga Springs City Council voted to ban guns sales at the City Center, essentially sealing the gun show's fate.

The vote came after the Parkland, Florida school shooting on Valentines Day, that killed 14 students and 3 faculty members.

David Petronis, the President of the New East Coast Arm Collectors Association, who hosts the gun show, tells WGY they have been talking to people in Schenectady and a few other cities.

"There's a few other places in the Capital District we were looking at, they have been calling me, and we're looking at Vermont, of course, we are running the show at the fairgrounds in Rutland."

The gun shows, under the sponsorship of N.E.A.C.A., have been a fixture in the, "Spa City" since 1984.

Petronis says he remembers coming up to Saratoga in the 1980's, and seeing a big, "hole in the ground."

"He says, 'Well, we're going to build this 20,000 square foot convention center here,' and I said, 'Well, that's nice, how about I run a gun show?,' and he says, 'Well, that's fine,' and 107 shows ago, we did our first one in September of 1984."

The event continues today from 9 AM-3 PM.

Photo: Getty Images

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