DEC Offers Tips on What to Do When You Encounter Black Bears


According to the Department of Environmental Conservation there are up to 8,000 black bears open to hunting in the state.

However, the frequency of black bears being seen in neighborhoods has some left feeling rather uncomfortable.

Officials say when a bear is coming in to a food source at someone's home, it thinks it's perfectly fine to do so until someone shows them it’s not.

Roaming bears will typically eat from garbage, bird feeders, pet food left outside, even grease on the grill.

One thing that can help keep a bear away is repellents like ammonia.

In some cases people will use a shotgun with rubber bullets will cause a sting.

While a black bear generally avoids humans, if you find yourself encounter one, officials say make noise, don't be afraid of them and don't cower.

And if a bear attacks you want to fight it off and don't play dead.

Electric fencing around your trash helps, but it should have a minimum of five strands.

If you see a bear or are having issues with one you can call the DEC at 1-877-457-5680.

Photo: WNYT


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