Cuomo: Allow Individuals to Petition a Judge to Seize Guns

Governor Cuomo is calling for a "red flag" bill to be passed in order to keep the mentally ill from accessing guns. He says the state has benefited from the "NY SAFE Act," which added regulations for those looking to obtain a firearm. 

Now the governor wants the "red flag" measure signed into law, in order to give family members, friends and educators a chance to identify a perceived threat. The measure would allow individuals to petition a judge, provided they feel someone is armed and represents a threat to themselves or others.

Cuomo says this would be the first law in the U.S. which gives teachers a legal option towards staying safe from school shooters. He called the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida a national breaking point. Cuomo called the "red flag" bill a logical and measured solution, while blasting President Trump for supporting the idea of arming teachers.

Photo: Getty Images

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