Cuomo Leads in New Poll Statewide, Molinaro Ahead in Upstate

A new Siena poll has some good numbers for Gov. Cuomo.

The incumbent governor has a 35 point lead over Cynthia Nixon, up about three points since Siena's last poll. 

Cuomo also leads Republican Marc Molinaro by about 19 points.

The survey says the Dutchess County Executive is basically unknown to over two thirds of likely voters. 

Upstate, Nixon still trails the governor by about 8 points, and Molinaro leads, 49 to 43%. 

As for the Attorney General's race, the poll finds the primary wide open, with three candidates all but unknown to voters. 

As for President Trump, survey finds he's still underwater with statewide voters, but with a 38% favorability rating and a 36% job performance, it's the best showing he's had since taking office.

To see complete results of the poll, click here.

Photo: Getty Images


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