Police: Woman Made Up Report of Racial Road Rage in Latham

Two more arrests are made in connection to a reported Latham road rage incident, including the woman who made the initial claim. State Police Commander Robert Patnaude says that last month's confrontation did indeed happen, however Natia Shim is now charged with making a false statement and she was not there during the incident. 

Police say it was not a hate crime and "Ms. Shim was not there, and it's unfortunate because it caused a lot of angst in the community, the statements she made, the African American community locally was very upset, rightfully so, but we determined that in fact it wasn't true."

Shim had said that she was a passenger while her son was driving and that a truck had run the car off the road, and several people inside were shouting obscenities and racial slurs. 

The claim was also made that several people had gotten out of the truck and began hitting the car with baseball bats.

Logan Tardiff has now been charged with reckless endangerment and menacing. Phillip Quandt Jr., Kristen Wright, and Christopher Allen were charged last month for their alleged role in the incident.

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