Schenectady Woman Warned Cops in April About DeShawn Howard

Schenectady Shooting

Some new details out on the man charged in Tuesday's shooting in Schenectady. 

Reports indicate Deshawn Howard violated a stay away order of protection when he shot his girlfriend and her two children.

Howard, who, according to the Gazette, has a lengthy arrest record, was days away from a court appearance in connection with an incident in April, in which he is said to have punched the woman. 

The woman apparently told police back then that Deshawn Howard had threatened to shoot her and her children if she left him. 

Schenectady police chief Eric Clifford, speaking on Tuesday after the shootings, said domestic violence is difficult for his officers to deal with.

All three shooting victims remain hospitalized.  Howard, in police custody after a self-inflicted gunshot wound, has yet to be charged.

Photo: WNYT


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