Cohoes City Councilman calls 9-1-1 After Confrontation with Mayor

A heated argument between Cohoes mayor Shawn Morse and one of his fiercest critic ends with a call to 9-1-1.

City councilman Randy Koniowka says the confrontation took place following a contentious City Hall discussion over whether it was a violation of the city's ethics code for Morse's stepdaughter to have a job with the parks department.  At one point, Koniowka says the mayor threatened to choke him, and said he would have him arrested over comments he'd posted on social media.  

Morse and a resident who witnessed the incident. both say no threats were made.  Assistant police chief Tom Ross met with Koniowka on Thursday, and told the Times-Union afterward that there is no case and no complaint.

Morse and his wife, Brenda, were both interviewed by state police after she made an allegation of domestic abuse last year.  Times-Union says she initially co-operated in that investigation, but has declined to meet with investigators in recent months.  

photo:  WGY news

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