Vermont State Fair Says No Gun Show

A Capital Region gun dealer, who organized shows at the Saratoga Springs City Center for years, has been denied permission for a similar show at the Vermont State Fair.

An official with the Rutland County Agricultural Society tells the Rutland Herald that the gun show was voted down after initial talks with David Petronis of the Northeast Arms Collectors Association.  Society President Luey Clough said there are too many kids at the event, and "we don't need somebody walking up the midway with an AK-47."

Clough said the gun show "didn't fit."

Petronis, who staged his final show in Saratoga Springs over Memorial Day weekend, says he's upset, but understands the decision.

Petronis is holding a gun show on July 27, 28, and 29 in Watertown, NY.

photo:  Getty Images

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