It's Time for An Albany Police Lip Sync Video


Have you seen these cop videos taking over social media? They are fantastic! It began a few weeks ago in Texas, with one department making a lip sync video, and then challenging another department to do the same. 

I think it’s fabulous because it shows the public another side of law enforcement, that you don’t normally see. It slowly caught on, and is now making its way across the country. So far, I think Norfolk, Virginia has taken the lead... they got their entire department, along with the fire department, EMS and support staff involved, to Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk”. 

Closer to home, the Pittsfield Police department (above) got in on the action. This morning, George Morris and I challenged our local police and sheriff’s departments (podcast at the bottom of the page.) 

Colonie? Albany County? Come on, Sheriff Apple! WHO WILL STEP UP!?!?!



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