Man Wearing Swastika Shirt Kicked Out of Crossgates Store


A customer in a store is at the center of a social media controversy.

Not because of what he did or said, but because of what he was wearing. 

Ryan Hughes has worked at the Jay St. Video Store at Crossgates Mall for some years, and wasn't happy when he saw a man wearing a bright red swastika t-shirt approach his counter trying to buy a comic book. 

Hughes said no sale and told the man to get out.

But he refused to do so, and Hughes later posted the incident on Facebook. 

It generated thousands of comments, and pictures of the man, who was also apparently spotted in downtown Albany. 

Reaction has reportedly been mixed.

Some say the man has the right of free speech.  Others say "well done, Jay Street" 

The Times-Union says the man's sister called the video store Sunday to say her brother has mental health issues, and she didn't know why he was wearing the shirt.

Since then, he's gotten thousands of comments, some are positive, while others say the man has a First Amendment right to wear whatever he wants. 

Photo: WNYT


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