Maurice Rucker Turns Down Home Depot Offer to Get Job Back

Maurice Rucker says thanks, but no thanks.

The former Home Depot employee and local musician is passing on the company's offer to give him his job back.

The decision comes after news of his firing for confronting a racist customer went viral.

He tells the Times-Union part of it is from an economic standpoint, saying a $13 an hour wage is more suited to a teen for a first job, not a 60-year-old man.

He also doubts Home Depot's sincerity, saying the company's only acting after community and media reaction to his situation. 

Rucker fired after he called out a customer who was hurling racist and vulgar language at him. 

He's had several other job offers, but needs something that pays a better wage.

Photo: WNYT

Maurice Rucker


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